Here is our Privacy Policy that applies to anyone who use our services

Data and privacy

This privacy policy applies to anyone who use anything created by (Achraf52) company, including, but not limited to our website, services or apps that are designed or financed by (Achraf52) at anyway. This Privacy Policy describes what type of data (Achraf52) collects and holds about its users, how it serves (Achraf52) to provide you with a better experience and how it is protected.


When you provide (Achraf52) your data, including any contact information, you can be sure that (Achraf52) will not send SPAM to your contact information and will do anything to protect you from such activity while using its services, however, if (Achraf52) security systems fails (Achraf52) will not be held responsible for any damages or lost profits that you may experience.


When you visit (Achraf52) website, our system collects data such as cookies or headers for statistical use. We may recognize your particular session by tracking your session id or by keeping your login information stored while your browse our pages, but you are kept anonymous as we only use this information to improve your user experience over time.


By using (Achraf52) newsletter, quote, or contact form you provide (Achraf52) your email address so (Achraf52) can contact you, only legitimate email would be sent to your address on our behalf to deliver you legitimate and useful information.


When you pay money to (Achraf52) you may have to share some of your payment information, such as Payment ID or Credit Card details, we handle this type of information in a strict way, serious precaution while processing it and transferring it.


To protect your personal data (Achraf52) is using the available technological and digital security equipment and software to keep your your data from loss, misuse, disclosure and other things, but (Achraf52) is not responsible for any security fails caused by unprecedented or powerful events.


While (Achraf52) preserves your data, it reverves the right to share it with third-parties if it is required by law or for protecting our personal or professional rights, to detect or to prevent criminal activity or fraud, also (Achraf52) may use your data to enhance its ads and provide you with better content.