Here is our Terms of Service that applies to anyone who use our services

Use and agreement

If you you use our website, services or apps, these Terms apply, and if you do not want these Terms to apply, you should stop using our website, services and apps. If you are using our website, services or apps, you agree that you must not alter, adapt or otherwise hack any part of it, and only use it in compliance with the applicable the laws and regulations.

Eligibility and conditions

You can only use our website, services or apps if your agree to these Terms and conditions. I you do not agree you should not use our website, services or apps. You can use our services and apps only if you are over 13 years and can lawfully enter into and form contracts under the applicable laws with (Achraf52) company.

How do our services work

Here at (Achraf52) company we provide clients design, programming and IT services, and (Achraf52) also create, design, write, implement, organize its own Web Apps at its own discretion and budget. The copyright of these creations belongs to (Achraf52) solely unless otherwise expressed by us.

Changes to these service terms

The (Achraf52) company may make changes and updates to these Terms of service at anytime. If we do so we will post the updated version at our Terms page. It is your sole responsibility to inform yourself of the updates.

Unauthorized use of our services

You agree that if you use (Achraf52) websites, services or apps you agree that you do so with respect to the authorized use by (Achraf52) company. You agree that all your account data, activity and actions is your own responsibility and you may to hack, alter, or access anything that belongs to us without our expressed consnet and authorization.

Purchases of goods and apps

You agree that any money sent to (Achraf52) payment accounts in any way are subject to our non-refund policy unless we (Achraf52) at our own discretion, express the desire to spontanously refund you.

Changes and development we do

The development efforts (Achraf52) do are to its products are made at its own discretion. We reserve the right to launch, develop or terminate any service or user account on registered at any of our services for any reason at any time.